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Beyond Professional Print Solutions

Creativity Feeling Stifled?

To make it in the business big leagues, you need to stand out as an industry innovator.
The only problem?
Finding a company capable of bringing your inventive ideas to life. After all, in a sea of competition, why wouldn’t you want to be a mermaid?

Crazy Ideas =

Right Up Our Alley

As a professional commercial printing company, we like to think of ourselves as animators of the real world.
Hoping to create a popup book incorporated with LED lights?
Or a microwave meal box that folds into a military tank – origami style?
We can make it happen!
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Professional Commercial Printing

And Then Some… And Then a Whole Lot More
At Four L Graphics, we’ve been providing professional print solutions to corporations in Canada for as long as our oldest employee can remember (39 years, to be exact!). With the success we’ve had in providing professional print solutions for top brand names, we hope to see your name on that list soon.

So… We’re a Commercial Print Manufacturer?

…Technically, yes!
But that’s not where our capabilities end. We know how frustrating it can be to have to shop around to get your products from conception to completion.
That’s why we do it all. For example, we create our steel rule dyes in-house to eliminate the need for an external vendor. We also provide direct mail services to get your products where they need to go.
If you want to significantly decrease your lead time – without sacrificing on quality or service – we invite you to take full advantage of us.
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Age is Just a Number

Even though we’ve been around for decades, it doesn’t mean we’re archaic by any means.

In fact, we’ve had more time than most other commercial printing companies to perfect our craft and hone our skills.

Because we see each of our clients as an opportunity to deliver better results than the last, you’re guaranteed even more exceptional service today than if you contacted us last week.

About Us
Once you’re on board, you’ll have secured a printing partner that’s in it for the long haul.

The Benefit of Being Family-Owned

We understand that not doing the job right lets more than just the company down. Our employees – and our clients – are family.

That’s why, with us, you’re guaranteed exceptional service every time, because no one wants to be left out of the next family BBQ.

Got An Amazing Idea You Think We Could Help With?

We’re Ready and Waiting to Hear It!
Our goal is to get to know your business and objectives as best we can, so that we can deliver on all your printing hopes and dreams. If we can’t help you, you’ll be the first company in 39 years we’ve had to throw in the towel for.
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